My Studio

Here are some things I have in my studio that inspire me.

Tree collage I created

I have this hanging on my wall above my desk and I love it.  These are all photos I found in magazines that are in line with my visual style: Natural, healthy, authentic, joyful, full of vitality and color.





Thank you gift from Flashes of Hope

I shot this photo at UCLA Children’s Hospital with Flashes of Hope.  As a Thank you, they sent it to me in this frame which I now have sitting on my desk.




Peace ribbon on my desk


Peace ribbon reminding me of what we are all truly here to do…

paintbrushes, canvas and paper




A corner of my studio is designated for fine art supplies.  Here, I have my paint brushes, colored pencils, canvas and paper for when I feel called to draw or paint.  I’ve been hearing this whisper a lot lately…







Postcard from African solo art show



This is the postcard I had at my solo art show in the Fall of 2010 of African scenes and people.  Having this handy reminds me of why I got started as a photographer in the first place.


My latest marketing postcard


I have my latest postcards handy as well.  This one is focused on family portraits, headshots and engagement sessions.


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