Ms. Martin in the park

I had the pleasure of photographing a friend for her business recently. She is someone who generally does not enjoy getting her photo taken and I promised her she would not only feel comfortable in the front of the camera with me but also have a blast! And we did!  Her business link:

My intention was to just make her laugh as much as possible to show off her gorgeous smile. I got some great candids of her at our first location, this one being my favorite:

Then, we got some really nice headshots that she can use for her new magazine she’s creating. I love this one:

We moved onto a new location with a lovely butter yellow wall in as our background. I got her laughing again and captured this beautiful moment:

And after getting some really fun shots of her dancing in front of a giant blank wall – which almost acted like a canvas for her! – I got her leaning on this post. I think this image really captures her sweetness.

In the end, she really had a great time and felt comfortable in front of the camera – a first!


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