Vallean Mann headshots – take 2

After some critical feedback from agents and other actors, Vallean and I came to realize that her photos were too ‘character-driven’ with the hats and her fabulous glasses (see previous post). The agents want to see the PERSON, not a character she could play.  So!  We did a reshoot and got some gorgeous photos.  We went with some brighter colors on the clothing and Vallean’s agent is already raving about the reshoot!  We were told to aim to capture 3 looks:  Casual, Commercial and Corporate.  I think we got it…

This one is so beautiful of her, I had to show you:

Beautiful Vallean









This one shows her true personality and lo and behold, it is the one her agent loves!  A-HA!

Vallean as herself

Captured her true essence!  I wanted to get some of her laughing and smiling and so, I was joking around and got her laughing.









I thought these were two more beautiful captures of Vallean where you really see who she is and it shows a couple different looks.

Her "commercial" look

her "corporate" look

I so enjoyed working with Vallean. It was a partnership where we both kept in mind the end goal and the vision for these images. The final selects have not yet been identified but we’re confident these will work for her acting portfolio.  I’m seeing 2011 being a huge year for her and she’ll really start working steadily as an actor!  And these photos will help her get there..


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