My new favorite subject – Vallean

I did a shoot this week with a woman who in her 70’s decided she wanted to go for it as an actress in Hollywood.  She is a friend of my roommate and has been doing extra work appearing in several blockbusters including “Angels and Demons”.  She was in the scene at the Vatican where there were thousands of people falling over with high winds because of the helicopter.  She was one of the nuns!  😀

She really needed some new headshots.  We had a ball getting these.

We started out with some really nice ones and as I was shooting I was giving her some coaching here and there with ‘chin up’, ‘chin down’ type stuff.  I also asked her to turn one shoulder toward me pretty often because they really accentuates the subject’s figure.

Here is one from the early part of the shoot:

Then, I asked her to start playing with her glasses which could really add a whole new element to different characters she could audition for.  For this shot, I was first experimenting with her holding the glasses with both hands and then had her drop one hand and look over the rims at me.  When I got this shot, I was saying to her, “Now you have a little sass going on.  You know something I don’t know..”  She winked a couple times and was laughing and somehow in there she did this.



We had so much fun doing this shoot, I got some great ones of her laughing just as herself. This is my favorite…




For this shot, I was talking to her while I was shooting saying, “Now you’re a college professor and you are contemplating a very difficult issue.

You’re highly intellectual and respected as a mentor” and she gave me this:









Then,she changed and I had her go into the elegant lady/baroness mode.  I was photographing her saying, “You’re veeeery sophisticated… You’re the BaronESS.” Sometimes talking with a dramatic Southern drawl b/c I could so see her sipping her mint julep on the porch of a large home in Louisiana.









Then, she went for the 20’s look and we got some great stuff with this cute hat on.

When I work with actors, I like to talk to them about the various characters they might be cast for so they can slip into that mode and it always becomes evident in the eyes.  It is a powerful way to get compelling images for their portfolios.  And we always have a ball shooting together.  That really helps people relax in front of the camera.

Until next week, happy shooting!



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